we love inspiring brands
we love creating great ideas
we know what's trending
we take your message
we grow your audience
we increase your brand reach

creative communications agency

that all sounds great, but what do we actually do?

At wonderhouse, we're most proud of our track record producing effective work for our clients.  We get excited about our marketing producing sales for our clients.  Rather than lose your attention with lots of detail, here are some snapshots which tell their own story.

Social Content

.5+ million organic facebook views

Brand Partnership and Social Content

Dine Out with MyMonkfish at Tigerlily

Celebrity Endorsement, Social Content, PR

Alan Cumming LOVES Walker Slater

Social Content, Brand Strategy, Guerrilla Activity, Influencer Endorsement and Corporate Outreach

Launch of Now by OneSpa for Sheraton Hotel

Offline PR

Tigerlily feature in Vogue Magazine

Social Content, Advertising

Austen Thomson film production